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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation

Watch this 6 minute video demonstration to learn how to drill into campaigns using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Some examples include tracking campaign responses, planning your activities, assigning them to CRM users and also be able to synchronise these to your Outlook tasks. Contact one of our experts for more information. W: www.pa.com.au E: microsoftinfo@pa.com.au T: 1800 126 499

New ways to reach more prospects with SMS Marketing

Discover new ways to reach more prospects with Microsoft Dynamics SMS Marketing. Watch this video to see how a typical SMS Marketing flow works, and learn how to leverage the high response rates of text messaging for your business. You'll see how to set up text messaging key words and short codes, configure opt-in and opt out workflows, link key words to marketing lists, manage your subscribers, and set up rules to limit touch points and avoid overwhelming them.

What's New in CRM 2011 Session 2: Goal Metrics and Goals

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Financial Advisor

Media Planning & Buying with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Demo: Inline Visualizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The ability to create "Inline Visualizations" is a rich new feature in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011. With Inline Visualizations, you can leverage real-time data analytics to create and share business information, in a visual way, complete with drill-down capabilities. Armed with this new way to look at information, you can more easily uncover patterns and insights that are important to your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization New Features - Customizable Tool Tips

Update a Parent from a Child Record with a Dynamics CRM 2011 Workflow

Rather than make your users open multiple forms to update information, you can use Dynamics CRM 2011 workflows to update information on parent records from a child form. Here's how to do it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets - Simple Lists

Record Type: Order


  • Represenst a Confirm Order
  • Converts to Invoice

Competitors : Create a Competitor

To create a Competitor record, follow these steps:

  • On the Navigation Bar, click Sales and click Competitors.
  • In the Command Bar, click New.
  • In the General section of the form, enter the following information as appropriate and observe any noted restrictions or requirements as needed:
    • Name: 
    • Website
    • Currency 
    • Ticker Symbol
    • Reported Revenue