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Conditional Formatting in the Outlook CRM Client

Microsoft Social Engagement Quota Management

Microsoft Social Engagement is a social media monitoring and engagement solution that consumes social posts within an allotted per-month quota.  In this video, Philippe Kieffer demonstrates how to measure your expected posts per month against your quota, and how to manage posts if you are nearing your quota limit.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization New Features - Customizable Tool Tips

Lead Management: Lead To Opportunity Process Ribbon contd.

  • Close
    • Complete Final Proposal
    • Present Final Proposal
    • Confirm Decision Date
    • Send Thank You
    • Final De-brief

Localized labels with Ribbon?

  1. Although Ribbon elements that display text allow for direct entry of text, it is a best practice to use localized labels to define text displayed in the ribbon. This enables multi-language capabilities and better management of shared text.
  2. The <RibbonDiffXml> (RibbonDiffXml) element includes the <LocLabels> (RibbonDiffXml)
    1. <LocLabels>
    2. <LocLabel Id="MyISV.account.SendToOtherSystem.LabelText">
  • <Titles>
  1. <Title languagecode="1033"
  2. description="Send to Other System" />
  3. </Titles>
  • </LocLabel>
  • <LocLabel Id="MyISV.account.SendToOtherSystem.ToolTip">
  1. <Titles>
  2. <Title languagecode="1033"
  3. description="Sends this Record to another system" />
  • </Titles>
  • </LocLabel>
  • </LocLabels>

Color Forms for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Color Form for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Color Form for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a configurable solution.

With this you can define different color scheme for differetnt parts of entity form.

Below is the example of Color Form configuration which resulted in above form's color.

Color Form Configuration


Check more details here : http://msdynamicsconsulting.com/Products/ColorGrid

Using Auditing - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

In this video we demonstrate the 3 levels of control related to auditing.

We also demonstrate the Audit View and Audit Summary features.

On Demand Workflows and Security Roles: CRM4

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Implementing Claims and IFD: Part 1

This session will cover the information and pre-requisites you should consider before implementing Claims-Based Authentication in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system.

Record Type: Invoice


  • Represents a Request For Payment From Customer


Depending on the payment terms, an invoice can be generated from an order after it is fulfilled or when it is placed.

Customization Toolkit Overview - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This video is an overview of how to customize Dynamics CRM 2011. The video goes through a design scenario that demonstrates how to configure the forms, fields, views, charts and dashboards.

Color Grid for Dynamics 365

Color Form for Dynamics 365