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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Customisation part 1

A look at the new drag & drop feature in Dynamics CRM 2011.

Delete Record In Dynamics CRM - Late Bound

Following example demonstrates how to delete record in dynamics crm using late bound.

Connection string

<add name="connection" connectionString="Url=https://org.crm.dynamics.com; Username=user@org.onmicrosoft.com; Password=password;"/>


using Microsoft.Xrm.Client.Services;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk;
using System;

namespace CrmSampleCodes
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
IOrganizationService _service = new OrganizationService("connection");

Entity contact = new Entity("contact");
contact["firstname"] = "Suresh";
contact["lastname"] = "Maurya";

Console.WriteLine("Creating Contact");

Guid contactId = _service.Create(contact);

Console.WriteLine("Contact with guid=" + contactId + " created");
Console.WriteLine("Deleting Contact with guid=" + contactId + " created");

_service.Delete("contact", contactId);

Console.WriteLine("Contact Deleted");

Visual Approval Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update the visual approval workflow provides a flexible, easy to use drag-and drop-area for approvals. Watch this short video to get an idea of how these workflows enable marketers to intuitively mimic internal processes in their Microsoft Dynamics Marketing instance.

What's New in CRM 2011 - Connections

In the tenth installment of Sonoma Partner's 10-part series, we will highlight an enhanced feature in Microsoft CRM 2011- Connections, an easy way to capture relationships between records in your system.

Record Type: Opportunity


  • Represents a qualified potential sale.
  • Must be attached to Account or Contact record.
  • Have status values of 
    • Open
    • Won
    • Lost


A qualified potential sale indicates that the potential customer has been contacted and information has been gathered about interest.

What Areas where we can write JavaScript?

We can use JavaScript to perform actions in form scripts, ribbon commands and web resources.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Configuring Filtered lookups

By configuring filtered lookups in Dynamics CRM 2011, you can ensure that only relevent records appear in lookup dialog windows.


[Job] - TCS: Dynamics CRM Developer, India

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Kolkata, India



Job Title: Dynamics CRM Developer

Job ID: 89812

Experience Required: 3 - 6 Years

Job Role: Developer


Skills Required: Enterprise Solutions and Frameworks - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Job Description: "Candidate should be extremely sound in Dynamics CRM entities , workflows , configurations , customization development , integrations development • Sound in core NET technology and SSRS • Proficient on CRM Functional areas in Sales Force Automation , Marketing automation and Service management functionality "

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Getting online through product and programs

Custom System-to-System Relationships in Dynamics CRM 4

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