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Suresh Maurya
Dynamics CRM Consultant at IBM

Lead Management: Lead To Opportunity Process Ribbon

With the process ribbon, users can follow a step-by-step process to make sure the correct information is gathered for different record types.

Stages and Steps in Lead to Opportunity Process

  • Qualify
    • Existing Account
    • Existing Contact
    • Purchase Timeframe
    • Estimated Budget
    • Purchase Process
    • Identify Decision Maker
    • Capture Summary

Creating Custom Entities - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This video provides an overview of how to extend Dynamics CRM 2011 to include additional functionality or business processes.

In this overview we show how you can add a custom entity to track Samples that you want to send out to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Outlook

This demo shows how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 works inside Microsoft Outlook, making it easier than ever to keep track of customer information.


What is difference between database and disk deployment?

Plug-ins stored in the database is automatically distributed across multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM servers in a data centre cluster and are included in database backups and redeployments. On-disk storage of plug-ins is useful for debugging plug-ins using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK New Features - Custom Actions

Dynamics CRM 2011 - Connected Cloud Demo.wmv

In this demonstration of a real estate scenario, you'll see how Microsoft Online Services, including Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online, Microsoft® Office 365, and Windows Azure,® provide a connected experience that leverages the power of the cloud.


Managing Goals - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This video goes through the process of managing Goals in Dynamics CRM 2011. The video explains the key terms and goes through how to manage goals and where they are on the CRM 2011 dashboards.

Dynamics CRM 2011: Sales Force Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & Kinect Natural User Interaction Demo

With the exciting advances Microsoft is making in technology lately, it was only a matter of time before these technologies honed in on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The wait is over - this video demonstrates how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be used with the Kinect or Hololens.

Editing Dynamics CRM data in Excel

Opportunity : Opportunity Form Fields

The opportunity form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains the following fields:

  • Topic: The opportunity’s interests. For example, if an existing customer called for details about a product, list the name of the product as the topic.
  • Contact: Lookup for a Contact record associated to the opportunity.
  • Account: Lookup for an Account record associated to the opportunity.
  • Purchase Timeframe: Timeframe for the potential sale of the sales opportunity.
  • Currency: Local currency for the record.
  • Budget Amount: Lead’s potential available budget.
  • Purchase Process: Whether an individual or committee will be involved in the purchase process.
  • Description: Text area for additional information for the opportunity.
  • Price List: The appropriate price list for organizations that use them. 

Color Grid for Dynamics 365

Color Form for Dynamics 365