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Suresh Maurya
Dynamics CRM Consultant at IBM

Lead to Opportunity Process Flow

Lead Management: Email To Lead Conversion

To convert an email to a lead, follow these steps:

  • On the Navigation Bar, click Create and then click E-mail.
  • On the Command Bar, click the ellipsis button (…), select Convert To, and then click To Lead.
  • In the Convert-to-Lead dialog, specify the details of the new lead as follows:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company
    • E-mail Address
    • Open the new Lead option
    • Close the e-mail form option
    • Click OK
    • The new lead record is created

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Implementing Claims and IFD: Part 6

This session will cover some common troubleshooting questions related to Claims-Based Authentication and IFD in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Features and Functionalities Part 2 of 2 - Support, Upgrade, & Fields

What is meant by solution components?

  1. Schema (entities, attributes, relationships, global option sets)
  2. UI (ribbons, sitemap, forms, and web resources)
  3. Dashboards, reports and charts.
  4. Service End points
  5. Process (plugins, workflows )
  6. Sdk message processing steps
  7. Templates
  8. Connection Roles
  9. Security Roles
  10. Field level security profiles

Creating Workflows - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This CRM 2011 video goes through how to create 2 workflows:

  1. Notification when an opportunity hits the proposal stage in the sales cycle AND it is above $250K
  2. Updating the Account to Relationship Type = Client when an Opportunity is WON.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobility for Blackberry

Watch this 8 minute demonstration to learn how you could use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook, IE and your mobile device to improve your field sales productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 - CRM Office Integrations New Features

Lead Management: Disqualifying Lead

To Disqualify a Lead click Disqualify.

The user must select a reason why the lead is being disqualified

Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM 2011 Account and Contact Sync

See how to quickly and easily synchronize your account and contact data between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.

Order Management

When customers confirm requests for the product or service, a sales representative can then create an order.