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Suresh Maurya
Dynamics CRM Consultant at IBM

What is meant or difference between input parameter and output parameter?

The data that is in the request message currently being processed by the event execution pipeline.

The OutputParameters property contains the data that is in the response message, such as a CreateResponse, currently being passed through the event execution pipeline.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Roles

MS CRM Notes

Dynamics CRM Server Roles

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, you can install specific server functionality, components, and services on different computers. These components and services correspond to specific server roles.

Full Server Role

  • Contains all roles from Front End Server, Back End Server and Deployment Administrator Server
  • This is default option

Front End Server Role [Web Application Server, Organization Web Service, Help Server]

  • Required for running client applications
  • Required for applications developed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK

Back End Server Role [Asynchronous Processing Service, Email Integration Service, Sandbox Processing Service]

  • Handles asynchronous events such as async workflows, async plug-ins, database maintenance, and email routing.

Deployment Administration Server Role [Deployment Tools, Deployment Web Service, VSS Writer Service]

  • Manages Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment using methods described in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK and
  • Deployment Tools


How to rename button in CRM 2011?

  1. Create a solution add the entity what you want and export it and extract it xml designer.
  2. Then navigate into the location RibbonDiffXml next add the customaction tag by specifying id and location and sequence.
  3. Next add button by specifying the id, command, sequence, Alt, label text, image 16 and 32, templatealias, tooltip title and description under the tag CommandUIDefinition>
  4. Next define the template with lable, tooltip text, description.

New ways to reach more prospects with SMS Marketing

Discover new ways to reach more prospects with Microsoft Dynamics SMS Marketing. Watch this video to see how a typical SMS Marketing flow works, and learn how to leverage the high response rates of text messaging for your business. You'll see how to set up text messaging key words and short codes, configure opt-in and opt out workflows, link key words to marketing lists, manage your subscribers, and set up rules to limit touch points and avoid overwhelming them.

CRM 2013 Quick Tip: Edited records are saved automatically in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Quick Campagins

Services required for debugging a Plugin?

a. Running the application in online mode - w3wp.exe
b. Running the application in offline mode - Microsoft.Crm.Application.Hoster.exe
c. Asynchronous Registered Plug-ins - CrmAsyncService.exe
d. Sandbox (Isolation Mode) - Microsoft.Crm.Sandbox.WorkerProcess.exe

Dynamics CRM 2011 - What's New Session 1: Workflows

CRM 2011 Workflows -- or "Processes" as they're now called -- are even better than they were in 4.0. One of the biggest improvements is the addition of a "Dialog" category of process, which allows you to create a user experience -- prompts and responses -- as part of an automated process. That's what I focused on in this session. More to come in later sessions!

[Job] - Accenture: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, India


Company: Accenture

Location: Hyderabad

- Job description

"Role:- Developer
Years of experience:- 3 to 4 years
Must to have:-
• Plug-in - custom workflow activities, ribbon customizations, Silverlight, CRM Developer Toolkit
• Exposure to any development framework
• Should be able to create and debug Plugins - Should be able to create and debug Custom Workflow activities
• Should be able to do Ribbon customization - Understanding of Solutions - Understanding of the security in Dynamics CRM
• Should have understanding of using Developer Toolkit for Dynamics CRM
Good to have:
• Strong design and development skills
• Ability to design and develop flows
• Effectively communicates to internal and external stake-holders"

- Basic qualifications

Full Time Graduation

Keeping on top of your Pipeline - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This video provides an overview of how to automatically send an email reminder every time an open opportunity goes 14 or more days without being updated or modified. This is a best practice for sales teams and management that want to make sure they are on top of their pipeline.

arketing Calendar in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Take a look at this new video to see how the Marketing Calendar in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides an intuitive interface by showing campaign activities in a timeline view. It helps marketing managers get an overview of all present, past, and future campaign activities - and provides a visual comparision to similar campaigns.

Color Grid for Dynamics 365

Color Form for Dynamics 365