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Suresh Maurya
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What is meant by managed properties?

Control whether a solution component is customizable and which specific parts of it can be customized. For example: can be customized is true or false, display name can be modified, new form, new view and new chart.

What meant by ribbon definitions?

Is the root tag which defined in entity ribbon xml under this can see UI tags, templates, command definitions and rule definitions?

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What is the difference plugin and workflow?

  1. Plugin is not intend to fire or execute logic while timeout or subscription with recursive.
  2. Plugin supports all most every message other than creation, status change, and assignment, attribute change and deletion.
  3. Plug-inis not bound by the features and logic patterns that the workflow editor supports.
  4. Elevations on privilege which the process is execute on behalf of another user but in workflow users they can create their own.
  5. We can’t stop plugin process execution like work flow stops using stop workflow step.
  6. We can’t execute plugin process either manually or on demand.
  7. Only developers can implement the plugin.
  8. Plugin support both offline, online and on-premise which means sandbox.
  9. Immediate effect on result.
  10. Needs a synchronous action to happen before or after an event occur.
  11. Can be triggering either child pipeline or parent pipeline.

Monitor cases in one place on the Dynamics CRM interactive service hub dashboard

Solve customer issues faster with interactive service hub dashboards. Watch this video to see the two main dashboards in action. The Tier 1 dashboard helps you find your cases and the things you need to do fast. Use visual filters, snapshots, and tiles to decide what you want to see and work on. The Tier 2 dashboard gives team leads and managers a single place to monitor more complex or escalated cases. Interactive service hub dashboards give you everything you need to support many customers and issues from one central location.

Update Process Enhancements with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Configuring Filtered lookups

By configuring filtered lookups in Dynamics CRM 2011, you can ensure that only relevent records appear in lookup dialog windows.


Web Services in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides web services that you can use to access data and metadata from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance.

Web services available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are as following:

Usage of the web services in Microsoft Dynamics CRM include:

  • Performing CRUD operations against CRM data
  • Mobile application development
  • Portal development for non-crm users
  • Data Migration
  • Integration between Dynamics CRM and other applications like ERP
  • Custom user interface development for Dynamics CRM

Create a Record In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Using Early Bound

Create Method

To create a record use IOrganizationService.Create(entitymethod.


Name Type Comment
entity Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Entity Entity object to create



This method is implemented by OrganizationService class and OrganizationServiceContext generated in earlier chapter.

Using Early Bound

Create an instance of an entity type.

Contact contact = new Contact()
FirstName = "Charles",
LastName = "Brown",
Address1_Line1 = "123 Main St.",
Address1_City = "Des Moines",
Address1_StateOrProvince = "IA",
Address1_PostalCode = "21254",
new_twittername = "Chuck",
Telephone1 = "123-234-5678"

pass it to the create method.

Guid contactId= _service.Create(contact);


Following example demonstrates how to create record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Early Bound 


using Microsoft.Xrm.Client.Services;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk;
using System;

namespace Msxrmtools
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
//"connection" = connection string name from config file"
IOrganizationService _service = new OrganizationService("connection");

Contact contact = new Contact()
FirstName = "Charles",
LastName = "Brown",
Address1_Line1 = "123 Main St.",
Address1_City = "Des Moines",
Address1_StateOrProvince = "IA",
Address1_PostalCode = "21254",
Telephone1 = "123-234-5678"

Guid contactId = _service.Create(contact);


[Job] - Accenture: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, India


Company: Accenture

Location: Pune, India


Job description

"Role:- Developer Years of experience:- 3 to 4 years

Must to have:-

• Experience with Microsoft CRM 2011 Modules and features related

• Experience with Microsoft CRM 2011 customizations and Configuration [Sitemap, Writing jScripts, Developing/Registering plug-ins, workflows and dialogs, SDK, importing data and CRM Deployment Manager

• Experience with developing and implementing web/windows applications with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

• Experience with developing XML Web Services and Server components

• Experience in writing oData and Linq

• Identify build or development changes, code and peer reviews and unit testing

• Experienced working on development project Good to have:"

- Basic qualifications

Full Time Graduation

Opportunity : System Calculated Pricing

If System Calculated is selected, an Opportunity record can be saved without specifying a price list.

However, Opportunity Products cannot be added to an opportunity (in the Line Items section of the form) without first specifying the price list. And since the Est. Revenue field is calculated as the total of all opportunity product records for the opportunity, opportunity products must be added in order to reflect a value in the Est. Revenue field.