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[Job] - TCS: Dynamics CRM Developer, India

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Kolkata, India



Job Title: Dynamics CRM Developer

Job ID: 89812

Experience Required: 3 - 6 Years

Job Role: Developer


Skills Required: Enterprise Solutions and Frameworks - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Job Description: "Candidate should be extremely sound in Dynamics CRM entities , workflows , configurations , customization development , integrations development • Sound in core NET technology and SSRS • Proficient on CRM Functional areas in Sales Force Automation , Marketing automation and Service management functionality "

CRM 2011 Overview - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This video provides a high level overview of the sales, marketing and service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

The overview includes Dashboards, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Cases and KB Articles.

Monitor cases in one place on the Dynamics CRM interactive service hub dashboard

Solve customer issues faster with interactive service hub dashboards. Watch this video to see the two main dashboards in action. The Tier 1 dashboard helps you find your cases and the things you need to do fast. Use visual filters, snapshots, and tiles to decide what you want to see and work on. The Tier 2 dashboard gives team leads and managers a single place to monitor more complex or escalated cases. Interactive service hub dashboards give you everything you need to support many customers and issues from one central location.

Error Handling in Plug-ins

  1. For synchronous plug-ins, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform handles exceptions passed back to the platform by displaying an error message in a dialog of the web application user interface.
  2. For asynchronous plug-ins, the exception message is written to a System Job (AsyncOperation) record.
  3. For plug-ins not registered in the sandbox, the exception message (System.Exception.Message) is also written to the Application event log on the server that runs the plug-in.
  4. Sandboxed plug-ins should use tracing.
    1. Tracing is to provide isolated (sandboxed) plug-ins and custom workflow activities with a way to output runtime information when an exception is thrown because isolated plug-ins and custom workflow activities cannot write information to the system event log or the file system.
    2. The tracing service was implemented to provide sandboxed plug-ins and custom workflow activities with a means to output run-time information when an exception is thrown. In addition, tracing is also supported in plug-ins that is not sandboxed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Creating a Navigation Link

Links can be established between CRM entities and external web pages. These pages can then be viewed within CRM forms. This quick demonstration will show you how.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Implementing Claims and IFD: Part 6

This session will cover some common troubleshooting questions related to Claims-Based Authentication and IFD in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Record Type: Lead

Leads represents

  • A Potential Sale.
  • A Potential Customer (Account, Contact)


Leads should be considered temporary records, with goal of converting them to some combination of Opportunity or Customer.

Lead Management: Disqualifying Lead

To Disqualify a Lead click Disqualify.

The user must select a reason why the lead is being disqualified

Simplify case resolution with the Dynamics CRM interactive service hub

Pull customer information from one central place to resolve cases quickly with the Dynamics CRM interactive service hub. This video provides an overview of the interactive service hub, and shows how you'll spend less time looking for the information you need to resolve customer issues, and more time focusing on your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Application New Features - Security Models

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Roadmap.

Learn more about microsoft dynamics crm roadmap.