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Configurability in Synchronizing Data with Outlook or Exchange in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

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How Active Directory Authentication Works?

A request to authenticate a user is sent from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or a custom application to Active Directory. The WCF stack manages the authentication process for Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK API calls from an application, whereas Internet Information Services (IIS) manages authentication for a Web application.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring & Campaign Management

Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Organization Data (OData) Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Organization Data service is available since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and is mainly used for client side development (code running in browser)  using JavaScript. 

It supports JSON format for request and response which can be easily handled from JavaScript, therefore this is preferred service for client side development.  

Key points about Organization Data service:

  • It is preferred service for client-side development.
  • Organization Data service is also known as "OData" or "REST" endpoint.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to provide REST-based service.
  • It supports JSON and ATOM format.
  • Organization Data service can be used within Web resources, form scripts and ribbon commands.
  • Authentication is provided by the application itself, no need to write authentication code.
  • It implements OData v2 standard.
  • It is deprecated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Web API should be used to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and future versions.
  • It can return maximum 50 records in a single retrieve operation.
  • It is much fatser as comared to Organization service, because less bytes in JSON message in comparison to SOAP message.

Actions that can be performed with Organization Data service:

  • Create   
  • Retrieve
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Associate
  • Disassociate 

Organization Data service usage:

  • Improves use experience, avoids unnecessary page refresh. 
  • CRUD operation from JavaScript.
  • Validation at client side.
  • Conditionally populating fields from organization data.

Organization Data service endpoint URLs

Organization Data service endpoint URL for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization can be found at:

 Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Strategy for Lowering CoGs

Goal Management : Goal

Goals contain more specific information than goal metrics, including the following information:

  • The goal metric on which the goal is based.
  • The goal owner—the user or team to which the goal is assigned.
  • The fiscal period for which the goal is created.
  • The target value of the goal for the fiscal period.

Dynamics CRM 2011: Sales Force Automation

Lead Management: Disqualifying Lead

To Disqualify a Lead click Disqualify.

The user must select a reason why the lead is being disqualified

What is meant by solution components?

  1. Schema (entities, attributes, relationships, global option sets)
  2. UI (ribbons, sitemap, forms, and web resources)
  3. Dashboards, reports and charts.
  4. Service End points
  5. Process (plugins, workflows )
  6. Sdk message processing steps
  7. Templates
  8. Connection Roles
  9. Security Roles
  10. Field level security profiles

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