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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization New Features - Business Rules

Order Management : Fields on the Order Form

Listed below are the default fields on the Order form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Summary
    • Order ID: Order number for customer reference and to use in search. The number cannot be modified.
    • Name: Descriptive name for the order.
    • Currency: Local currency for the record to make sure budgets are reported in the correct currency.
    • Price List: Price list associated with this record to make sure the products associated with the campaign are offered at the correct prices.
    • Prices Locked: Status of prices specified on the invoice. They may be locked from any further updates or unlocked.
  • Shipping Dates
    • Requested Delivery: Delivery date requested by the customer for all products in the order.
    • Date Fulfilled: Date that all or part of the order was shipped to the customer.

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Opportunity : Opportunity Form Fields

The opportunity form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains the following fields:

  • Topic: The opportunity’s interests. For example, if an existing customer called for details about a product, list the name of the product as the topic.
  • Contact: Lookup for a Contact record associated to the opportunity.
  • Account: Lookup for an Account record associated to the opportunity.
  • Purchase Timeframe: Timeframe for the potential sale of the sales opportunity.
  • Currency: Local currency for the record.
  • Budget Amount: Lead’s potential available budget.
  • Purchase Process: Whether an individual or committee will be involved in the purchase process.
  • Description: Text area for additional information for the opportunity.
  • Price List: The appropriate price list for organizations that use them. 

[Job] - IBM: Application Architect: MS Dynamics CRM, India


Company : IBM

Location: Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:
Application Architect CRM Roles and Responsibilities: You will: -

  • -Evaluate and review new and existing software applications and technologies.
  • -Identify systems solutions to support business strategies and objectives
  • -Research, design, and develop software solutions to meet specifications.

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience:

Provide on-going support for production applications *Experience : 10 Years to 18 Years

Preferred Education:
Bachelor's Degree

Quote Management : Quote Status

A Quote can have one of the following status:

  • Draft
    • Initially when quote is created it is in draft state.
    • Quotes must be in a Draft state to be changed.
  • Active
    • When the quote is ready to be presented to a customer, it can be activated.
    • Active quotes become read-only.
  • Revised
    • When a quote is revised, its status value changes back to Draft,
    • and the Revision ID field is automatically incremented.

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