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On Demand Workflows and Security Roles: CRM4

Web API in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Web API is introduced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and will provide parity with the Organization service.

Key points about Web API:

  • Web API provides parity with Organization service with some limitations.
  •  It implements  OData (Open Data Protocol) version 4.0 which is an open standard for building and consuming RESTful APIs over rich data sources like DOC, HTML and PDF.
  • Because Web API is built on open standards therefore it's no necessary to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided libraries, third-party libraries can be used to generate classes. 
  • You can compose own Http requests as well. 
  • Wep API supports wide variety of programming languages (including .Net, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python), platforms and devices as compared to Organization service.
  • Web API will gradually replace Organization service and Organization Data service to become single web service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Wep API Request and Response have JSON format, so its very easy to work with Wep API from JavaScript.
  • Authentication is provided by the application itself when used within web resources, form scripts and ribbon commands. 
  • Maximum 5000 records can be return for each request.

Web API Authentication 

Web API authentication with JavaScript

Authentication to Web API in JavaScript is provided by the application itself when used within

  • HTML web resources
  • Form Scripts
  • Ribbon Commands

you don't need to write code for that.

In each of these cases user is already authenticated and authentication is managed by the application.


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Company : Tata Consultancy Services

Location: Pune, India

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Excellent Proficiency on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and .NET Extremely sound in Dynamics CRM entities , workflows , configurations , customization development , integrations development

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Sales representatives can use quotes to inform potential customers about the products and prices associated with a sales opportunity.

  • Quotes cannot be saved unless a price list is specified.

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Product Catalog : Creating the Product Catalog - Sequence

The following sequence is used by many organizations to configure, maintain and use the product catalog:

  • Set up unit groups: Unit groups contain the units used to sell the products and services by and at what price.
  • Set up products: Create the product and enter core pricing
  • Set up price lists: Create the price list and the price list items to
    specify the sales price of each packaged version of the product.
  • Use in sales and marketing processes:
  • Discount Lists : are an optional component of the product catalog that can be used to create volume discounts based on the amount of product purchased.

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