Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Sales) - Multiple Choice Question

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft.

The product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors, but .net framework can be used to customize it.

Which of the following records can a lead not be converted to?

[A] Account

[B] Competitor

[C] Contact

[D] Opportunity

A potential customer is defined as which of the following in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

[A] Account

[B] Contact

[C] Customer

[D] Lead

[E] Opportunity

What is an Opportunity?

[A] Promise of purchase by a customer

[B] Potential sale

[C] Equivalent to a lead

[D] Record created after a quote is prepared

What must be created before a price list item can be created? Mark all that apply.

[A] Discount list

[B] Price list

[C] Product

[D] Unit group

What defines the various measurements in which a product is available or packaged?

[A] Base unit

[B] Discount lists

[C] Primary units

[D] Unit groups

Which of the following are benefits of using the product catalog?

[A] With a product catalog, you can use system-calculated pricing and automatically generate quotes from opportunities.

[B] With a product catalog, you can apply different price lists to opportunities and quotes and see their impact on opportunity or quote totals.

[C] With a product catalog, you can no longer adopt user-provided pricing.

[D] With a product catalog, you can associate price lists with campaigns and automatically pre-fill campaign opportunities with the same price list.

Which one of the following tasks is NOT required to create a product catalog?

[A] Setting up price lists

[B] Setting up products

[C] Setting up unit groups

[D] Setting up contract templates

Which of the following are not available to add to a dashboard directly through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface?

[A] IFrames

[B] Web Resources

[C] Charts

[D] Advanced Find views


True or false: Goals must have a Parent-Child goal.

[A] True

[B] False

True or false: You can edit Fiscal Period settings.

[A] True

[B] False

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