Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Installation) - Multiple Choice Question

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft.

The product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors, but .net framework can be used to customize it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions is not installed in your deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which of the following reports will run?

[A] Default reports

[B] Custom SQL-based reports

[C] Custom Fetch-based reports

[D] Fetch-based wizard reports

You import an organization into a deployment. You then try to create a new email server profile with a user name and password, but are unable to do so. What should you do?

[A] In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application, activate data encryption.

[B] In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web, change the data encryption key.

[C] In Deployment Manager, disable data encryption

[D] In Deployment Manager, change the data encryption key.

Which of the following best describes whether update rollups can be uninstalled?

[A] Update rollups can be uninstalled.

[B] Update rollups cannot be uninstalled

[C] Depends on the update rollup.

[D] Only manually installed updates can be uninstalled.

You must delete all Matchcode Update system jobs. What should you do?

[A] Use Advanced Find to search for the relevant jobs and then delete them.

[B] Wait for the bulk delete system job to delete them.

[C] Delete the jobs from the list in System Jobs.

[D] Use the Bulk Deletion Wizard.

You must change the account that is used by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM asynchronous processing service. What should you do?

[A] Use the Deployment Manager.

[B] Reinstall Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.

[C] Run a repair operation on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.

[D] Change the logon account for the service.

You completed an installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server on a computer called APP1 and specified that setup should create the website using the default settings. You also created a DNS entry called CRM that is an alias to APP1. Which URL should you use to connect to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM web application?

[A] http://crm

[B] http://app1:5555

[C] http://crm:80

[D] http://app1

Which of the following components is required to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server?

[A] Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router.

[B] Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

[C] Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions.

[D] Microsoft Exchange.

Which type of Microsoft SQL Server instance is supported for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases?

[A] Named or default instance.

[B] Default instance only.

[C] Named instance only.

[D] Dedicated instance.

Which of the statements regarding Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is true?

[A] The Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server computers can be in different domains.

[B] Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server must be installed on the same computer.

[C] The Microsoft SQL Server must not host any database applications apart from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

[D] A 64-bit edition of Microsoft SQL Server must be used.

Which of the following scenarios is supported for installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server?

[A] One server: a domain controller running Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

[B] Two servers: one running Windows Server 2008 and one running Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

[C] One server: a member server running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

[D] Two servers: one running Windows Server 2003 and one running Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

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