Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Extending) - Multiple Choice Question

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft.

The product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors, but .net framework can be used to customize it.

You need to create a series of pages to allow users to enter their usernames and birthdates when prompted. Which process type should you use?

[A] Dialogs

[B] Actions

[C] Business process flow

[D] Workflows

You develop custom activities that must be included in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow process.
You need to ensure that the activities are available in the workflow steps.
What should you do next?

[A] define the variable

[B] reference the Windows Workflow Foundation activity library

[C] use the Plug-in Registration tool

[D] define the input argument

Which deployment type is supported for custom XAML workflows?

[A] both online and on-premises

[B] online only

[C] Custom XAML workflows are NOT supported for either online or on-premises deployments

[D] on-premises only

What is the result of setting event dependencies for a custom JavaScript event?

[A] The system prevents the custom event from executing if the defined fields are removed from the form.

[B] The values of the defined fields are sent to the custom event as parameters.

[C] The defined functions are executed after the custom event.

[D] The system prevents users from removing the defined fields from the form.

You develop JavaScript code that adds a function to a form's OnSave event by using the addOnSave method. Where is the function placed in the form event pipeline?

[A] A random position in the form event pipeline

[B] A position in the form event pipeline that is determined by a parameter value of the addOnSave method

[C] The end of the form event pipeline

[D] The beginning of the form event pipeline

Which execution context object method returns a value that indicates the order in which the event handler is executed?

[A] getSharedvariable

[B] getEventSour

[C] getDepth

[D] getContext

Which two conditions must be met before the OnChange event for a field is executed?

[A] The field detects keystrokes.

[B] The field loses focus

[C] The value of the field is changed by a JavaScript function.

[D] The value of the field is changed by the user

Which type of code will execute in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnLoad form event?

[A] C# and Visual Basic .NET


[C] JavaScript


Which type is NOT a valid type for a loan query string parameter?

[A] Boolean

[B] SafeString

[C] UnsignedInt

[D] Optionset

You are creating client-side event-triggered handlers.
What is the maximum number of event handlers that you can specify for each event?

[A] 1

[B] 5

[C] 10

[D] 50

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