Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customizations and Configurations) - Multiple Choice Question

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft.

The product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors, but .net framework can be used to customize it.

You create a connection from Account1 to Account2 and select Referred To as the role.
You want the connection from Account2 to say Referred From. What should you do?

[A] Modify the Connection Role for Referred To so that it can only be between the record type of Account.

[B] Create workflow that will create a matching Connection with the Role of Referred From whenever a new Referred To connection is created.

[C] Modify the Connection Role for Referred To, and add a new matching connection role named Referred From that also applies to the Account.

[D] Create a dialog that the user must run to create the Connection, which prompts the user to enter both sides of the connection role.

All users in your organization share a security role named Contoso Employee. The only current Account form is assigned to that role and is configured as a fallback. The marketing team has an additional security role named Contoso Marketing, and your support team has an additional security role named Contoso Support.
You need to create a new form for the marketing team.
You have the following requirements:
- The form must be the only form available to the marketing team.
- The support team must have access to this new form and the current form.
What should you do?

[A] Assign the new form to Contoso Marketing and Contoso Support. Then remove Contoso Employee from the current form, and assign Contoso Support to it

[B] Assign the new form to Contoso Support and Contoso Marketing, and remove Contoso Employee from the current form.

[C] Assign the new form to the Contoso Marketing secunty role, and configure it as the fallback. Then remove Contoso Employee from the current form.

[D] Assign the new form to Contoso Marketing, and configure it as the fallback. Then add Contoso Support to the current form after removing Contoso Employee.

You are configuring user access in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
You need each account to have a unique group of people who have write permissions to the account.
What should you do?

[A] Have Dynamics CRM automatically create access teams for each record, and manually share the account with the appropriate

[B] Create an owner team, and assign the accounts to the owner team.

[C] Create an access team template, and add to the account form a sub-grid that references the access team template.

[D] Manually create an access team record for each account and assign the account to the access team.

You need to configure a form so users can view data from the Primary Contact record on the Account record. What should you use?

[A] Quick View form

[B] JavaScript

[C] Web resource

[D] Social insights

You create two entities, Event and Booking, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Booking entity references the Event entity with an Event lookup attribute in the Booking entity. This Event lookup attribute is used on the Booking form as lookup control. You want to delete the Event entity. What should you do first?

[A] Delete the Event entity; all references are deleted automatically

[B] Remove the lookup attribute in the Booking entity.

[C] Remove the lookup control on the Booking form

[D] Remove the relationship between Event and Booking

You need to convert a personal chart to a system chart in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What should you do?

[A] Export the chart from the chart pane, and import it into the entity customization chart area.

[B] Create a solution that includes the personal chart and import the solution to create the system chart.

[C] Go to the entity customization, and recreate the chart as a system chart

[D] Share the chart with all other Dynamics CRM users to convert it to a system chart

You create two Quick Create forms named Form1 and Form 2 for a new custom entity and then publish your changes. Form1 will be used in production, and Form2 is a backup. You go to the top navigation bar to test the Quick Create form, but Form1 is not available. What should you do?

[A] Change the form order for the Quick Create form set

[B] Activate the Quick Create forms

[C] Enable the Allow quick create property in the custom entity definition

[D] Increase the max width, in pixels, in form properties for the Quick Create forms

You are updating custom entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which three custom entity options can be disabled after they have been enabled? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose three.

[A] Mail Merge

[B] Connections

[C] Document Management

[D] Queues

[E] Access Teams

You create a new business process flow on the account entity for your inside sales team. The business process flow has four stages. The first stage contains three fields from the account entity. All of these fields are required in the business process flow, and one field is read-only because of field security. A salesperson reports that no one can move past the first stage. You need to resolve this issue. What should you do?

[A] Create a security role that grants the inside sales team the ability to read and update the account entity.

[B] Create a field security profile for the inside sales team that grants them the ability to read all of the fields in the first stage.

[C] Create a field security profile for the inside sales team that grants them the ability to update the read-only field in the first stage.

[D] Modify the existing inside sales team's security role and mark the Activate Business Process Flows Miscellaneous Privilege.

You are consulting for a company that needs a new system chart for their Account entity.Which three locations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can this chart be consumed? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.

[A] In the navigation pane

[B] In the ribbon bar

[C] In a dashboard

[D] In the chart pane alongside a view

[E] In a main form

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